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Lending Library: George & Sam: Two Boys, One Family, and Autism
Title:      George & Sam: Two Boys, One Family, and Autism
Categories:      Recommended Books
BookID:      2719
Authors:      Charlotte Moore
ISBN-10(13):      9780312358938
Publisher:      St. Martin's Press
Publication date:      2006-11-28
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      320
Owner Name:      Kelly Thomalla
Owner Email:      kthomalla@ausm.org
Language:      Not specified
Price:      2.00 USD
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
For the parents, families, and friends of the 1 in 250 autistic children born annually in the United States, George and Sam provides a unique look into the life of the autistic child. 
Charlotte Moore has three children, George, Sam, and Jake.  George and Sam are autistic.  George and Sam takes the reader from the births of each of the two boys, along the painstaking path to diagnosis, interventions, schooling and more.  She writes powerfully about her family and her sons, and allows readers to see the boys behind the label of autism.  Their often puzzling behavior, unusual food aversions, and the different ways that autism effects George and Sam lend deeper insight into this confounding disorder.
George and Sam emerge from her narrative as distinct, wonderful, and at times frustrating children who both are autistic through and through.  Moore does not feel the need to search for cause or cure, but simply to find the best ways to help her sons.  She conveys to readers what autism is and isn't, what therapies have worked and what hasn't been effective, and paints a moving, memorable portrait life with her boys.
Charlotte Moore is a writer and journalist who lives in Sussex, England with her three sons. She is the author of four novels and three children's book.  For two years she wrote a highly acclaimed column in the Guardian called "Mind the Gap" about life with George and Sam.  She is a contributor to many publications.

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