4th Annual AuSM’s Guide to Sensory-Friendly Minnesota Listing Form

4th Annual AuSM's Guide to Sensory-Friendly Minnesota Listing Form

This publication will recognize organizations that have featured sensory-friendly offerings and plan to reinstate those when it is safe to do so. The 2022 Guide to Sensory-Friendly Minnesota will be incorporated into AuSM's 2022 Summer Recreation Catalog, and will include stories about organizations that offer sensory-friendly events and activities, strategies for sensory-friendly spaces, and a listing of organizations that support sensory-friendly offerings. Organizations that have events/activities planned for 2022 are welcome to submit dates and information about those events as well. We will include information about specific events/activities as part of the 2022 guide. Listing forms must be completed and submitted by Dec. 22, 2021 for inclusion in the guide. Questions can be directed to Kelly Thomalla, Senior Director of Integration and Advancement, at kthomalla@ausm.org.
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Describe how your organization creates an inclusive atmosphere for those with autism and other sensory sensitivities.
In the space below, please include a list of events/activities your organization is planning for 2022. These will be included in the guide and posted on AuSM's online events calendar. If your organization does not have dates for 2022 events/activities, please indicate that these are "To Be Announced."
Please upload a high resolution file (png, jpg, eps) of your logo to be included with your listing.
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