Registration and Packets

The lottery application process for 2022 AuSM Camps is Jan. 17-Feb. 18, 2022.

To apply for AuSM Summer Camps: The 2022 AuSM Camp Lottery is now closed.

  • You must be a current member of the Autism Society of Minnesota.
  • You must fulfill all camp registration and payment deadlines.

The 2022 AuSM Summer Camp lottery application for Camp Discovery and Camp Hand in Hand residential summer camps is open Jan. 17-Feb. 18, 2022. Each Camp Discovery and Camp Hand in Hand session will be 4 nights and five days. As you review the camp sessions, please note the days of the week spans for each to ensure your desired camp fits your schedule. Participants will be selected via a lottery process, and placements and waitlist will be announced by March 4, 2022.

NOTE: Your waiver MAY cover all or part of the camp cost. Please check with your individual fiscal agent/case worker to determine coverage. You are responsible for payment if your Third Party Payer does not cover the cost of camp. All payments must be made by the deadline or your camper will forfeit his/her camp assignment, unless arrangements have been made with the AuSM Camp office.

Camp-Specific Guides and Health/Physical Form

If your camper was selected to attend AuSM camp, you should have a confirmation e-mail in your inbox with information about next steps. All campers must submit:

And the packet for their camp.

Deadlines and Policies

Application for the AuSM Summer Camp lottery is open Jan. 17-Feb. 18, 2022. To be eligible for camp, you must be a current member of AuSM at the time of application and during selected camp attendance dates. Your application must be received at the AuSM office according to the following guidelines:

  • The 2022 AuSM Camp application process will take place from Jan. 17-Feb. 18, 2022.
  • Campers must be current AuSM members at the time of application. Membership dues must be paid in full through the selected camp dates.
  • Campers may apply for one camp.
  • Those not assigned to a camp will be placed on a waitlist for the camp to which they applied.
  • You must be assigned to an AuSM Camp in order to apply for a scholarship. The AuSM scholarship application will be available in the camper packet available to those who are assigned to an AuSM Camp.
  • Convenience fees will be charged per payment by credit card. To avoid the credit card convenience fee, you can pay by check. Checks can be mailed or brought in to AuSM’s office at 2380 Wycliff St. #102, St. Paul, MN 55114.
  • AuSM will send e-mail confirmations of camp assignments by March 4, 2022. If you do not hear from AuSM by March 5, 2022 contact us at
  • AuSM is not responsible for lost or delayed mail, e-mail, or faxes.
  • Camper Packets and Health/Physical Forms for campers placed in AuSM Camps are due April 30, 2022.
  • All residential campers must have their prescription medication prepackaged by a pharmacy or medication packaging service. Packaging at home is NOT an option. Certain exceptions exist (e.g. liquid, as needed/PRN, etc.). More details will be included after registration is complete. Please contact AuSM Camps at or call 651.647.1083 with questions or concerns.
  • Payment in full for all camps is due March 31, 2022.
  • All deadlines must be met to participate in AuSM Camps.

AuSM reserves the right to assign campers to a camp that best matches the camper’s needs. If the appropriate camp is full, the camper will be placed on the wait list for an opening. If you have questions about which camp best suits your camper, please contact AuSM at 651.647.1083.

AuSM reserves the right to limit the number of sessions in which campers can participate in order to maximize the number of participants in AuSM summer camp programs. Camp directors will approve Camp Discovery camper packets before registration in Camp Discovery is considered complete.