Beyond Virtual with AuSM

AuSM brings you virtual opportunities to stay connected and participate with the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding Autism

Learn common characteristics of individuals with autism and sensory processing disorders. Obtain valuable insight on evidenced-based best practices to support people with autism and sensory processing sensitivities. Due to a generous sponsorship from Best Care, 2020-2021 classes are offered free of charge. Registration is required.

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Information and Resources Support

Trying to figure out which service and support options fit your needs is not an easy task. Autism is a complex developmental disability and navigating hundreds of systems for resources can be daunting. AuSM’s Information and Resources team is available to listen, help, and sort through options.

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Support Groups

AuSM has five virtual support groups where our community can share problems, solutions, joy, and sorrows with one another. Groups include: Women’s Support Group; LGBTQIA Support Group; Independent Adults with ASD Support Group; Topic Support Group; and Family/Caregiver Support Group.

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We are accepting new clients for individual therapy via telehealth. Immediate openings are available for clients. Please contact our office at 651.647.1083 ext. 10 or email with questions about family therapy, case consultation, and other services.

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