A fun-filled AuSM fundraiser

July 17-18, 2021

Competitive Bracket and Family Bracket Scavenger Hunt Weekend

Are you up for our 2021 challenge?

We invite you to participate in our second annual AuSM Community Unity Challenge on July 17 and 18. Connect with friends and family. Get creative. Share kindness. All while having some quirky, scavenger-hunt-type of fun!

Participants in the Competitive and Family Brackets for the AuSM Community Unity Challenge will receive a list of mini challenges ranging from random acts of kindness to the absolutely bizarre. You and your team will take photos or videos of the mini challenges and submit them to win the top prize!

Mini challenges will be completed by your team at the pace you choose, in the space you choose, throughout the event weekend. Assign tasks to each team member, or complete them together. The strategy is up to you.

What will you have to do as an AuSM Community Unity Challenge participating team? We can’t give too much away before the event begins on July 17, but here are some possible challenges:

  • Spelling out a word with your team’s bodies
  • Sharing your favorite stims
  • Searching a website for a hidden item

Competitive Bracket (All Ages and Abilities)

  • $15 per participant for teams of up to 7 participants
  • Longer and more challenging list of activities
  • Do not need to live and/or be in the same household to compete together


Family Bracket (All Ages and Abilities/Kid-Friendly)

  • $40 for a family of up to 5 ($5 for additional members)
  • Shorter challenge list, activities achievable by younger age team members
  • Do not need to live and/or be in the same household to compete together


Prizes will be awarded in the Competitive and Family Brackets. All proceeds from the AuSM Community Unity Challenge support AuSM’s programs and services for the local autism community.


Become a Sponsor

We want to incorporate your business into these team challenges (e.g., take a picture of yourself outside of the sponsor’s office; find the page on the sponsor’s website where something is “hiding” and do a screen shot, etc.). We invite you to use your creativity to add to the challenge and fun of this event. It’s OK to just be a sponsor, too – your dollars support the programs and services AuSM offers to the local autism community.

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