Call for Neurodiverse Collaborators

Bridges Learning System is developing a social emotional curriculum for neurodiverse youth and is seeking input from neurodiverse adults on what should be included, via a survey and focus group. In particular, we are seeking input from adults 18 years of age or older who reside in the United States and have either a formal autism diagnosis or are self-diagnosed.
Participants will receive a $15 Amazon gift card* upon completion of the survey, with the option to enter a drawing to win an additional $25 gift card upon completion of the optional, open-ended portion of our survey. During the survey, you may also indicate interest in participating in a virtual focus group. Depending on the interest in these focus groups, we may not be able to include every person who indicates interest. We will reach out to those interested in the coming weeks.
We do have to cap the survey at 40 participants at this time. If you click on the link to the survey and it is closed, that means we have met our limit.
For questions, you can reach us at Thank you!
*Eligible participants will receive the gift card within 7 business days of completion of the survey. Participants who do not complete the survey, reside outside the U.S., or who do not meet our criteria will not be eligible to receive the gift card.