Telehealth Help for Sleep in Young Children with Autism

We are recruiting young children (ages 2 up to 7 years) with autism spectrum disorder and sleep disturbances.  Participants are randomized either to a 5 sessions targeted parent training program for sleep problems or a 5 sessions parent education program where they will be provided knowledge relevant to parenting a child with autism.  A previously NIH funded study demonstrated the parent training program was superior in improving sleep and bedtime problems.  This study is testing whether this holds when delivered via telehealth.

As both arms of the study offer families support during this time, please consider passing on our brochures to families who have a young child with ASD and sleep problems. The possible benefits of participation in this study are the improvement of your child’s sleep and bedtime behaviors.

To be eligible to participate:

-Child must be between 2 and less than 7 years of age.

-Child must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

-Child must have bedtime or sleep disturbance.

If interested, please contact or 216-448-6392