Telepractice Study

I am a clinical speech-language pathologist and am also working on a doctoral degree. In order to finish my doctoral degree, I am conducting a small research study and am looking for participants.

My research is on using the PEERS® intervention to treat social communication deficits among adolescents with autism spectrum disorders via telepractice. The PEERS® intervention help teens with high functioning autism navigate social interactions. The PEERS® intervention has been widely studied, but has yet to be studied when administered via telepractice. I am investigating to see if the intervention continues to be effective when administered via telepractice.

In order to participate, participants must:

  • Be ages 13-17
  • Have a way to access telepractice software (smartphone or computer)
  • Have a caregiver willing to participate in the research
  • Have adequate verbal skills

It does not cost money to participate, and I am giving participants amazon gift certificates for their participation.

Contact me with any questions. The dedicated email for this study is The phone number for the study is (952) 999-3484. I am licensed in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and am able to work with participants in all of those states.