AuSM member creates autistic adult-focused podcast

Philip King-Lowe always has been passionate about connecting with other autistic adults. In 2020, his ambition to work with autistic adults grew into a major project: a podcast called Today’s Autistic Moment.

Like many autistic adults, King-Lowe has struggled with traditional styles of work. He looked to his special interests to guide him to work that made sense for him.

“Since I became a member of the Autism Society of Minnesota, my passion about autistic adults has grown,” King-Lowe said. “I had a virtual meeting with the small business advisor and my counselor at Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) about how to monetize my passion in a way that benefits others. As soon as he said the word ‘podcast,’ something sparked in my mind.”

Since that initial spark, Philip’s podcast concept has grown into a small business reality that will be launching in early 2021. The podcast is for autistic adults, by an autistic adult, focusing on issues that autistics deal with on a day-to-day basis. Topics will include neurodiversity, aging and autism, housing, bullying, ableism, health care, employment, and more. Each episode features a guest from the community to speaking with King-Lowe.

“It is my hope that Today’s Autistic Moment will be the beginning of some real social changes for the autistic adult community, by way of creating new public conversations.”

Developing a small business is not simple, and King-Lowe has met challenges in the process.

“This has been a very exciting process, but one I have had to be very patient and persistent with,” he said. “The process of getting information about how to create the podcast, and all the many pieces it takes to make it happen has been overwhelming in good and not so good ways.”

Suddenly King-Lowe was considering things like business plans, marketing, competitive analysis, and purchasing equipment.

“Business planning is something I never thought I would be able to do. I am not a natural when it comes to selling and marketing. My autistic communication challenges are getting some new exercises that I never expected.”

With the strength of his special interest and a supportive community behind him, King-Lowe is moving this dream to reality. “The positive encouragement I have received from so many people to pursue this endeavor has been amazing. When I talk with potential sponsors, they are so happy that something like this podcast is going to begin.”

King-Lowe also is hoping that his process can help guide other autistics who are looking to turn their special interests into a career.

“Autistic people have special interests for a reason,” he said. “[Special interests] may inspire others in ways that you never expected. If you want help to make something happen, find the people who who can help, and go for it. When you get a ‘no’ for an answer, don’t let that kill your passion. Let it inspire more passion and move on to other options.”

If you want to hear the Today’s Autistic Moment podcast, visit King-Lowe’s website, Podcast episodes will be available beginning in January 2021.

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