Autism Societies of Minnesota and Greater Wisconsin unite for 2021 autism conference

The Autism Societies of Greater Wisconsin and Minnesota are pleased to announce a second year of partnership in combining both the Wisconsin and Minnesota annual state autism conferences to a virtual event in 2021. The virtual conference, “Inform, Influence, Innovate Together,” will be held online April 21-24, 2021, and will feature dozens of livestream breakout sessions, virtual exhibit booths, an autism resources bookstore, and Dr. Temple Grandin as a keynote speaker.

“The well-being of our community continues to be a top priority during this continuing global pandemic,” said Kirsten Cooper, Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin Executive Director. “We understand the disappointment that many feel in learning that we are not able to gather in person for a second year in a row; however, we are confident that, informed by both the Wisconsin and Minnesota autism communities, this event will provide the amazing content, resources, and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect and find at our in-person conferences.”

The Autism Societies of Greater Wisconsin and Minnesota unite to continue learning, connecting, and sharing with the goal of maximizing the quality of life for people with autism. Though this is the second year of collaboration for the state autism conferences, both organizations plan to hold separate, in-person conferences when safety is not a question and the pandemic abates. For 2021, both organizations are committed to hosting a quality event that will feature timely information and resources.

Autism Society of Minnesota Executive Director Ellie Wilson said, “With months to plan the 2021 event, the virtual technology knowledge we have acquired throughout the past six months, and the cooperative relationship we’ve developed between our organizations, we’re excited for the possibilities and look forward to designing an informative, influential, and innovative experience with and for our communities.”

Save the April 21-24, 2021 dates for informative content, influential speakers, and innovative ideas and strategies. More information about the 2021 virtual conference, “Inform, Influence, Innovate Together” will be available on the Autism Societies of Greater Wisconsin’s and Minnesota’s websites soon.

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