Autistic Community Summit offered virtually in 2020

On Sept. 19, AuSM will hold its third annual AuSM Autistic Community Summit, a unique event that is organized by autistics for autistics.

Held virtually through the Zoom platform, the Summit is an opportunity for autistic adults to come together virtually and learn while sharing the wisdom they’ve gained through lives of experience.

The Summit will begin with a keynote presentation by Meghana and Chetan Junnuru, non-speaking autistic siblings who advocate for strong autistic communities. Their presentation will be followed by nine breakout sessions covering themes including identity, community, and practical skills; a choice of interactive activities participants can do at home while connecting with the community; Flappy Hour, a virtual Zoom session for participants to discuss what they have learned with other participants; and a virtual exhibit hall filled with information and resources.

Every speaker at this year’s event is neurodivergent, reflecting the commitment to the event’s tagline: by autistics, for autistics.

“The autistic population has a unique, valuable wealth of knowledge they are eager to share,” AuSM Executive Director Ellie Wilson said. “The advocacy and growth that develops from the Autistic Community Summit is important for enhancing lives and celebrating the diversity of all in our communities.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions will be streamed online, making the Summit even more accessible and sensory-friendly for participants.

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