Challenges leaked in AuSM Community Unity Challenge event

It has come to our attention that someone at AuSM has LEAKED a bunch of the challenges that will be presented in the Family Bracket of the AuSM Community Unity Challenge. The Challenge planning committee has put their best efforts forward in protecting the challenge items; however, a short list of the challenges now is available on the AuSM Community Unity Challenge page.

The AuSM Community Unity Challenge, set to begin this Friday, Aug. 14, will feature challenges in the Family and Competitive Brackets. Both brackets offer the opportunity to connect with friends and family, get creative, and have some quirky, scavenger-hunt-type of fun.

The complete list of challenges for each bracket will be revealed Aug. 14, and the contest will take place from Aug. 14-16, at your own pace, in your own space. Registration is open until noon on Thursday, Aug. 13. Plan for some weekend fun as you join us for the first ever AuSM Community Unity Challenge – register today.

In the meantime, we’ll work on discovering who leaked some of the challenges!

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