Speak at the 5th Annual Autistic Community Summit

This September, AuSM will be holding its fifth annual AuSM Autistic Community Summit. For the first time in two years, the event will include an in-person component, with speakers and attendees gathering. This event centers autistics and allows them to share the wisdom they’ve gained through lives of experience. In the process, it builds leaders and advocates.

The application form for breakout session speakers for the event is now open! We are seeking neurodivergent speakers. Suggested topics include:

  • Literature and arts from autistics
  • Navigating and self-directing support services
  • Managing interactions with medical providers
  • How to write a waiver
  • Meaningful inclusion, especially for those with higher support needs
  • Hiring and training staff
  • Person centered planning across the lifespan
  • Autism and mental health
  • Autistic pride/self-acceptance
  • Autism and intersectionality, including race, age, gender, sexuality etc.
  • Shutdowns and meltdowns
  • Emotion regulation
  • Managing medical interactions
  • Masking

All topics relevant to autistics are welcome. Applications are due Friday, July 2. Click here to see the application. If you are interested in a Microsoft Word version of the application, click here.

For more information, please contact Zephyr James, AuSM’s Community Engagement Specialist, at 651.647.1083 ext. 23 or e-mail zjames@ausm.org. James is also available to discuss potential topics, support applicants as they fill out the form, and provide feedback.

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