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Why I Prefer Online Support Groups to In Person Ones

 By AuSM Member Catherine

I recently joined a great group online for adult women with Aspergers (or High Functioning Autism). It is rather like a school on ASD, a place to learn from woman of all ages and from all over the world - and to feel safe to post thoughts, experiences, and questions. This is particularly helpful to me right now as I was just diagnosed within the past year and this is a new world.

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Periodic Blog Round Up: Bridging The Gaps

By Olivia James, AuSM Marketing and Communications Specialist

In the course of posting on social media and keeping abreast of the latest news in the autism community, the AuSM marketing department finds a wide variety of interesting blogs across the internet. For those who don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or who haven't had a chance to read everything we've posted, here are some of the most interesting and popular posts we've made in the last weeks.

When My Son Shared How He Feels About Autism from The Mighty
A video of a nonverbal teen using his AAC to introduce himself.

Adult Autism: The unique challenges of age from The Sentinel
An in depth look at the ways that services fail adults on the spectrum, particularly as they grow older.

Friendships and Autistic Children from Respectfully Connected
A conversation between two adults on the spectrum about their own preferences in friendship and how it helps them parent their children.

Why Kids With Autism Stim from
One adult's perspective on what stimming does and why it's helpful.