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The Definitive Safety Guide to Attending US Music & Sporting Events with a Disability

This online resource by Groupon called 'The Definitive Safety Guide to Attending US Music & Sporting Events with a Disability' is about safety and accessibility for disabled people attending events. It highlights:

- Comprehensive information for attending large events if you have a disability, including booking disabled access tickets, checking that the venue can accommodate your accessibility requirements, and other tips for a stress-free and safe day.
- Advice on hosting disabled-friendly events (for organizers) such as information about accessibility requirements for venues and details on the Americans with Disabilities Act (e.g. disabled seating requirements in a 500-seat venue: 1% of the total capacity, plus 1 seat).
- Examples of some of the most accessible venues in the world, including Madison Square Garden which provides assisted listening devices to all attendees in the Hulu theater.
- Useful tips and advice such as how to prepare for the event, finding nearby accommodation, and other practical advice for attendees with special accessibility needs.

To know more about it, just check the resource here: https://www.groupon.com/coupons/content/safety-guide-for-attending-events-with-disabilitySeal House, 1 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TN, 


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