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ASD Direct Support Certification

Virtual Event

This program is designed for professionals and caregivers who work with or support individuals with autism and want to provide better service and care. Individuals on the spectrum also are welcome and encouraged to attend for increased self-understanding and to share their unique perspectives.


Empowering Autistics to Make Proactive Plans for Fulfilling Lives

Hormel Historic Home 208 4th Ave. N.W., Austin

In this workshop in Austin, you’ll learn how Charting the LifeCourse helps individuals with ASD work with their families to establish strategic plans for lives well led. As a proactive framework, Charting the LifeCourse can help people track their trajectory toward personal goals, including employment ambitions, housing needs, community engagement, and access to services and support.

$25 – $45

Spring and Summer Classes and Camp

AuSM will be offering a wide variety of social skills class experiences this spring and summer as well as summer camp opportunities. As you make plans for fun in the sun, consider AuSM!

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