About Autism

These resources will give you more information about the autism diagnosis, common autistic traits and experiences, and the autistic community.

If you’re new to autism, start with our What Is Autism page.

Autistic Masking and Autistic Burnout
An article explaining what autistic masking is and how it can lead to autistic burnout.

Alexithymia and Autism Guide
This guide explains what alexithymia (difficulty identifying and describing your own emotions) is, how it relates to autism, and how it can impact a person.

Stimming: What It Is and Why Autistic People Do It
An in-depth article written by an autistic adult explaining stimming (or self-stimulating behaviors) and how they feel internally.

Splinter Skills Resource
An explanation of what splinter skills are, what we know about where they come from, how they can affect a person, and ways to support someone with an uneven developmental profile.

7 Things to Know About ASD and Sexuality
A quick overview of important facts about autism and sexuality.

Supporting Queer Autistic Individuals
This handout was included during the keynote Supporting Queer Autistic Individuals: Applying The Lessons of Universal Design to Gender and Sexuality at the 2022 Minnesota Autism Conference and includes common terms related to gender and sexuality as well as answers to questions and concerns you may have.

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