The AuSM Counseling and Consulting Services team strives to help individuals with autism understand their diagnosis and address the challenges, gifts, and insights it can bring. AuSM ACCS therapists are also well-versed in the nuanced interconnectedness between disability and mental health. The ACCS team works from a neurodiversity perspective. We affirm that the diversity of minds and experiences is a strength of humans rather than a deficit.

Counseling and Consulting Services

The AuSM Counseling and Consulting Services team works in partnership with you to develop a plan based on your needs. For many, working with mental health service providers is a new experience; we want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable as we undertake this journey together, striving for positive, individual-focused goals.

AuSM therapists have more than 80 years of combined experience serving individuals with autism. They strive to help individuals with autism understand their diagnosis and address both the challenges and gifts that it can bring. Our depth of experience and dedicated support allows you to be confident that we will meet you wherever you are and start from there – no judgments, no preconceptions. From young children to adults, those on every part of the spectrum can grow at their own pace in a safe, compassionate environment, while pursuing their personal goals. AuSM therapists can consult on supports, strategies, and resources, but cannot professionally recommend resources for curing autism.

AuSM currently has waitlists for both diagnostic assessments and therapy appointments for new clients. Contact us for more information.

If you need immediate help, please reach out to the mental health crisis line in your county.

If you are looking for guidance on how to look for a new therapist, click here for a helpful resource.

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AuSM therapists will meet you wherever you are and start from there – no judgments, no preconceptions.


Ask the Therapist

The AuSM Counseling and Consulting Services team sends out a monthly e-mail to answer questions submitted by the autism community.

Ask the Therapist

Support Groups

AuSM provides a variety of support groups to meet the needs of parents, children, family members, individuals, couples, and more.

Support Groups

Online Security Notice

AuSM has security measures in place for our website to protect any loss, misuse, or change of the information that is under our control. Such security measures include firewalls, access restrictions, and password protection. We treat all information we receive from you through forms on our website and e-mail as confidential. However, e-mail links on our website do not provide a means for completely secure and private communications between us. Your e-mails may be accessed and viewed without your knowledge or premission while in transit to us. If you wish to keep private the information you send to us, please do not use e-mail links. Instead, please contact us by phone at 651.647.1083.

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