The AuSM staff wearing matching blue tshirts stand under a balloon arch

General Inquiries

For general questions, please call 651.647.1083 or e-mail

New Phone System

To help clients transition to our new phone system, we are happy to provide a social narrative.

Calling AuSM

The phone system at AuSM has changed. The main phone number is still 651-647-1083, but staff extensions and the caller experience may be different.

When I call the main number, a receptionist may answer. They can help connect me with a specific person I am trying to reach, or the person who can best assist me.

If I call the main number and no one answers, I will hear a list of options to direct my call. These options include a staff directory as well as specific departments. If I know the name or extension of the person I am trying to reach, I can also use this to direct my call.

A list of phone extensions is available on the AuSM website if I do not have the new extension for a staff member.

If I have questions staff can help me, I can also share feedback to help make the phone system as user friendly as possible.

Ellie Wilson

Executive Director

Sara Testen

Office Manager

Melanie Davidson

Finance Administrator

Monica Toledo

Director of Counseling and Consulting Services

Leslie Garza

Counseling and Consulting Services Intake Coordinator

Barb Luskin, PhD, LP

Counseling and Consulting Services

Beth Pitchford, MA, LPCC

Counseling and Consulting Services

Sara Lahti, MA, LPCC, CCTP

Counseling and Consulting Services

Bjorn Walter, MA, LMFT

Counseling and Consulting Services

James Rechs, LICSW

Counseling and Consulting Services - Rochester Office

Jillian Nelson

Community Resource and Policy Advocate

Eric Ringgenberg

Director of Education Programs

Dayna Nelson

Education Specialist

Zephyr James

Director of Marketing and Communications

Maura McDonald

Counseling and Consulting Services

Kelly Ulrick

Director of Events and Fundraising

Keri Olufson

Events and Fundraising Coordinator

Mark Malmberg

Marketing and Media Manager (Media Inquiries)

Melinda Harris

Director of Camp Programs

Daren Howard

Deputy Director

Sarah Mohamed

Grants Administrator

Nicole LeBlanc

Counseling and Consulting Services