AuSM Consulting Services

Struggling with how to support a loved one, client, patient, or student? We consult! AuSM’s Counseling and Consulting team will work with you to better understand autism and how you can support the autistic individuals in your life through challenging situations. We consult with therapists, group home staff, community organizers, employers, and other professionals who work with individuals with autism to help with general training or to offer strategies related to a specific issue or topic. If you’ve hit a roadblock and need experts in autism to help, we’re here for you.

Our therapists are also available as speakers and trainers for classes, conferences, and trainings. We work directly with you to customize our services to your needs.

Our consulting services include:

  • Internships and practicum opportunities
  • Speakers for classes and conferences
  • Support in making your practice accessible to neurodivergent clients
  • Recognizing autism in your clients
  • Partnering with specialized providers (trauma providers, eating disorder clinics, and others with common co-diagnosis of autism) to better understand and serve clients with autism
  • Creating accommodations for autistic individuals in intensive treatment programs (especially in-patient)
  • Training for organizations and service providers from clinicians with years of experience in autism
  • Clinical supervision from a neurodiversity lens
  • Troubleshooting challenging situations or behaviors on location
  • Sensory-friendly inventory of spaces
  • Customized social narratives and visual tools
  • Sensory-friendly guide listings
  • Event listing on AuSM’s Community Calendar
  • Sensory kits and tools
  • Guidance for inclusive spaces and resources

Contact us for more information or to book consulting services.

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