AuSM Scholarships

AuSM wants to make its programs and services available to as many individuals as possible. Scholarships for AuSM Social Skills classes and Camps, AuSM memberships, workshops, the Annual Minnesota Autism Conference, the Autistic Community Summit, and more are available for those who qualify. Scholarship applications are available on registration forms for events and activities where scholarship dollars are available.

Twin Cities Autism Foundation, Inc.

AuSM is pleased to partner with Twin Cities Autism Foundation, Inc. to offer additional scholarship opportunities to the Minnesota autism community. Twin Cities Autism Foundation, Inc. provides financial aid to help families gain access to resources. Before applying for a TCAF Scholarship, you first must reserve a spot in your desired program. Apply for a Twin Cities Autism Foundation, Inc. scholarship.

Questions? Contact AuSM at 651.647.1083 or


Check with your county case manager to learn if your selected class, camp, or program can be paid for under the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS); Brain Injury (BI); Community Alternative Care (CAC); or Developmental Disability (DD) waivers. By registering for an AuSM class, camp, or program, you agree to pay in full any amount not covered by the Third Party Payer.