Work at Camp

Working at AuSM Summer Camps is a unique opportunity for students, para-professionals, teachers, and service providers. As an AuSM camp counselor, you will make a difference and have the chance to:

  • Get valuable hands-on experience using structure, environmental supports, social stories, and individual communication systems.
  • Apply to work any number of sessions you desire.
  • Do it! As a camp counselor, you not only gain personal experience, you touch the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing a unique camp experience.

Apply to Work at 2021 Camps

Information on working at a 2021 AuSM Summer Camp will be available soon.
If you would like more information or a paper form, please contact AuSM at or call 651.647.1083.

Registered Nurses and Nurse Support Staff Needed

Learn about being Camp Discovery or Camp Hand in Hand Nurse
Learn about being a Nurse Support Staff
Contact AuSM for more information at or 651.647.1083.