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Work at AuSM Summer Camps!

Working at AuSM Summer Camps is a unique and rewarding opportunity for teachers, nurses, social workers, therapists, PCAs, paraprofessionals, students, service providers, siblings, and friends who want to support this amazing community. You will learn about autism from a non-clinical perspective and will experience best practices in supporting autistic campers by using structure, visual schedules, environmental supports, social stories, sensory regulation tools, emotion coaching, intentional programming, verbal prompting, and crisis intervention. You will take away valuable skills and a resume bullet point while enabling campers to experience their “best week ever.”

In 2024, AuSM will hire two nurses per camp session, plus 6-18 cabin leaders and at least 50 counselors. Learn more about each position by using the links below.  Applications will open on Tuesday, January 2nd.  Returning staff, please notify us of your availability asap at

Though cabin staff are welcome to apply to work a single session of camp, AuSM has a strong preference for candidates who commit to at least three sessions of camp. Counselor applicants seeking to work fewer sessions will not be notified of their hiring status until after April 15th.

Camp Staff FAQs

How old are the campers?

AuSM campers are assigned to a specific session based on age and support needs. Our youngest overnight campers are now 10 years old. Our oldest camper last summer was in his mid-fifties.

Camp sessions and associated camper ages are listed on the job application, so you will know the camper ages associated with each session before you accept a staff position. Don’t be intimidated to consider working with adult campers. Our adult weeks are some of our most amazing sessions!

Where will I be sleeping, eating, etc?

Our camp partners provide us with top-notch facilities and meals. All cabins have electricity, heat, air conditioning, and bathrooms with private toilet and shower stalls. Camp staff share sleeping space with one another, assigned according to gender identity. Camp food at our partner sites is varied, high-quality, and special dietary needs can be accommodated when planned in advance.

What do I do while my camper(s) are at an activity?

Counselors and cabin leaders do all camp activities alongside campers, helping to model, offering support, and enjoying a great time. Campers are allowed to take a break from activities as needed, so cabin staff occasionally get quality time with campers during independent activities, too.

Do I get any time off during my stay at camp?

Each AuSM camp staff person gets a break in the middle of the day, as well as time to socialize or rest each evening after campers have gone to bed. Cabin staff are not allowed to leave camp grounds as long as campers are present.

Do I get paid?

Yes. All camp staff receive a small stipend in gratitude for their commitment and service to our campers.

Can my time as a counselor count towards my internship/volunteer commitment/practicum/academic class hours?

Yes. We at AuSM believe that camp experience is extremely relevant across multiple fields. We can provide letters of confirmed hours, write ups, evaluations, etc. As long as your program allows it, we can do it.

Is transportation to and from camp provided?

No. However, our Director of Camp Programs coordinates an online ride-sharing document to help those with vehicles get donations toward the cost of gas and to help those without rides get to camp.

Is an AuSM Camp Counseling position right for me?

Basic Requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old before the start of camp.
  • Respect the dignity of every human being.
  • Able to focus energy and attention on supporting the successful experience of another person.
  • Willing to stretch perspective and personal comfort zone* *You will never be asked to compromise your safety, identity, or morals.
  • Willing to seek help when needed.
  • Able to receive and integrate feedback from other camp staff.
  • Make sure that your camper’s basic needs are met. This may include personal care needs such as applying sunscreen or wiping in the bathroom. However, not all campers need this sort of help and all staff are well-supported by experienced leaders.

This position is highly recommended for anyone who:

  • wants to learn more about autism.
  • wants a short-term experience working with people with disabilities.
  • may become a parent someday.
  • wants to become better at communicating with other people.
  • is interested in education, youth work, social justice, occupational therapy, social work, counseling psychology, personal care assistance, nursing, residence life, group home management, speech therapy, mental health, community health, or adaptive recreation.
  • is a current teacher, paraprofessional, or other school personnel struggling with burnout and needing a reminder about why you entered the field.
  • is passionate about supporting, serving, and developing the skills of those in marginalized communities.
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