Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

September 28, 2024

Presented by AuSM Premier Partner

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Our 2024 AuSM Puzzle Competition will be held on September 28, 2024. With an in-person competition held at the Mall of America, including an autism resource fair, plus a virtual competition on Zoom, this year promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Thank you 2023 Puzzlers!

Thank you to all our amazing puzzlers, both virtual and in-person who joined us at this year’s puzzle competition! We sold out multiple divisions and had a fantastic time seeing teams whip through puzzles in impressive times.

To see the in-person finish times, click here.

To see the virtual finish times, click here.

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Help us create this wildly popular event in 2024 by becoming a sponsor! You’ll reach the hundreds of puzzlers who attend plus all the shoppers in Mall of America.


Thank you, 2023 Sponsors!

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Note: The Autism Society of Minnesota does not support the use of the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism and does not use puzzle piece images or references in any of the autism information and resources we provide. This decision was made based on the concerns of autistic people and their objections to the use of the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism. AuSM’s jigsaw puzzle competition is a contest that brings folks from across the country together as teams to compete in-person and virtually in a hobby that has an enthusiastic following and is unrelated to the use of the puzzle piece as a symbol. This puzzle-constructing competition is a fundraiser that supports AuSM’s programs and services for the local autism community, and includes an autism resource fair where folks can learn more about autism. AuSM’s jigsaw puzzle fundraiser was created based on the wide-following of this hobby and the opportunity to educate community members while providing a family-friendly, inclusive event that supports AuSM’s mission.