AuSM is Minnesota’s First Autism Resource, and we are here to provide you with resources, help navigate systems, and disseminate information to support you on your journey.

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Compiled list of providers and businesses and organizations that offer products and services to the Minnesota autism community.

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Information and Resources

AuSM’s Information and Resources team is available to listen and help you sort through options while connecting you to effective programs, therapists, services, and support agencies.

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About Autism

These resources will give you more information about the autism diagnosis, common autistic traits and experiences, and the autistic community.

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In the resources section of the AuSM website, you’ll find all kinds of supports, from social narratives to toolkits, informational articles to interactive resources. You can browse by topic or by type.

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Topics are listed below.


A great place to start is with our What is Autism page.

If you run across any terms or phrases that you’re unfamiliar with, we’ve created a Glossary of Terms to help you navigate these resources and larger conversations within the autism world. Click here to view the glossary.


Resources about self-advocacy in a variety of settings, including employment, education, healthcare, and more.

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Emotion Regulation Resources

Information, toolkits, and guides to support healthy emotion regulation strategies.

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Executive Function Resources

Executive function are the skills that help us organize, plan, and stay on track. This section has resources to support executive function.

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Living Skills Resources

Resources for daily living skills like cooking, cleaning, and more.

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Navigating the Community Resources

Resources for community integration, including employment, school, social opportunities, and more.

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Rituals, Routines, and Managing Change

Resources that support individuals with using routines in healthy ways, including practicing flexible thinking, using habits to meet goals, creating traditions, and using schedules.

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Sensory Regulation Resources

Find resources about the different sensory systems, what supports are available, and how to keep yourself regulated.

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Services, Supports, and Accommodations Resources

Information about what services and supports are available in Minnesota, as well as how to get accommodations.

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Social and Communication Supports

Resources to support communication and socialization, including relationships, friendships, AAC, and visual supports.

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