Adult Coffee Club

A coffee shop with autistic adults seated at tables. Some are talking, some are working on projects, and others are just hanging out.Ages 18+

Coffee Club is a space where autistic and neurodiverse adults can connect with each other, foster friendships, and build community while enjoying a favorite beverage and/or snack. Adults are welcome to bring items that make them feel comfortable, can stay as long as they’d like, stim, and parallel play. We ask that participants purchase something from our venues.

AuSM will provide a concierge staff person to help assist with questions, check-in, help with ordering, and manage any issues that arise during the club. AuSM will provide a number of resources, including a social narrative providing club details, parking info, menus, and more. Due to staffing, AuSM is unable to provide one-to-one support, however it is encouraged to bring your own PCA or support person if needed.

Tuesday Nights from 5 to 7 p.m. at Dogwood Coffee in St Paul
825 Carleton Street, St. Paul, MN 55114
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Social Narrative

Upcoming Dates:  June 4 has been canceled due to Dogwood moving to a new location – watch for new dates in Fall 2024.

Thank you to our Premier Partners Best Care and Minnesota Independence College and Community for supporting Coffee Club.

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