NeurodivergArt: Spotlighting Autistic Artists

Combining creativity with generosity – and using art to support our community.

A close up photo of detailed stonework with a beautiful interplay of light and shadow
Photo by Shelia Nelson

In early 2024, the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) called on visual artists on the autism spectrum to submit their artwork for consideration to be featured on our website. Selected prints of artwork are sold through AuSM’s Threadless Shop. AuSM will share proceeds with artists in a 50% split.

AuSM’s NeurodivergArt initiative is an opportunity for autistic artists to gain exposure for their work by reaching a wider audience – all while using their time and talent to support others in the autism community. Along with showcasing their work, artists have the option to also share thoughts on what inspires their creativity, and may also choose to share a personal bio while gaining followers via their social media accounts.

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Thank you to all the artists who submitted. Our Threadless shop is now available with prints from all the selected artists! This shop will be available through June 30.

To see a full gallery of the selected pieces and read more about the artists, click here.

Selection Committee

NeurodivergArt’s selection and curation team is led by Shelia Nelson, AuSM’s Donation Coordinator, a lifelong artist who is autistic. The rest of NeurodivergArt’s selection committee is similarly comprised of artists throughout the community.

Shelia Nelson is an autistic visual artist  whose media are photography, painting, and collage. She was recently featured in a group show at the On2 Gallery in the California building in Northeast Minneapolis.  She has won awards from Courage Kenny in past years and was the recipient of an Emerging artist grant from VSA.  She works at AuSM part-time.

Find her on Instagram.