NeurodivergArt Submission Form

NeurodivergArt Submission Form

Use this form to submit your artwork to be featured by AuSM!

  • AuSM assumes rights to fundraise through print sales of all artist submissions chosen by NeurodivergArt’s selection committee. If selected, AuSM also assumes the right to feature art on and in communication with members, donors, media, and others in our community. Artists retain ownership rights to the art they submit, while consenting to AuSM’s stated fundraising intent.
  • Your contact information, including email and phone number, will not be shared publicly and will only be used to contact you with information about NeurodivergArt.
  • All art should be shared in a JPG or PDF format. Choose one of the following size options:
    Portrait: 8400 x 12000px
    Landscape: 12000 x 8400px
    Square: 10200 x 10200px

    For support sizing your image, see the Threadless guidelines under the Wall Art section.

    By uploading your art, you give AuSM permission to sell prints of the artwork.

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