Give to the Max Day

Nov. 1-18, 2021

Thanks to your generosity, AuSM was able to meet and surpass our goal for Give to the Max Day 2021. With your support, we raised more than $48,000 to sustain and build our programs and services for the Minnesota autism community. Thank you!

If you weren’t able to donate on Give to the Max Day but would like to include AuSM in your end of the year giving, CLICK HERE.

Thank you, AuSM Match Fund Donors: Sunrise Banks, RSP Architects, Bieber Family Foundation, the Vala Family Charitable Fund, the AuSM Board of Directors, and anonymous donors.

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“Telehealth sessions with my AuSM therapist have made it possible for me to continue meeting with my therapist when I’ve needed to.”



“I attend more support group meetings than I did when I had to drive to them. And I had never before attended an autistics to autistsics event (Autistic Community Summit), much less presented during one. I’ve also met many autistic folks I didn’t really know before we were quarantined. I hope to keep in touch with some of them once we can meet in person again. I’m an older autistic person, with an imperfect life and career. I draw on my experiences to encourage younger autistic people to hang in there while dealing with this pandemic and other hard times. I’m trying to help them keep believing that things will improve.”



“My support needs during the pandemic have remained the same, only now I’m able to participate. Having things virtual is much easier for many reasons! I’m very happy to be able to participate and meet friends this way. I can socialize safely from home. I can participate more than I ever did before the pandemic started.”



“Our organization partnered with AuSM’s Eric Ringgenberg to present a virtual back to school educational event for parents of students with ASD in the community of Austin, Minn. and the surrounding areas. AuSM has helped our organization continue to bring resources to parents, caregivers, and those with ASD at a time when they are most vulnerable and need it most.”

–Mary Barinka, Autism Friendly Austin