AuSM Premier Partners

AuSM Premier Partners generously invest a minimum of $5,000 in sponsorships, advertising, donations, or in-kind support annually to help fuel the success of AuSM programs and services. Premier Partners are recognized and promoted to AuSM’s followers via the AuSM website, social media, and in other promotions, and receive discounts on sponsoring and advertising as part of their package. To learn more about becoming a Premier Partner, email Zephyr at


Accra provides services to individuals with disabilities of all ages as well as older adults. The services support the independence of the individual and offer the highest quality care when needed, whether it is a self-directed program of Personal Care Assistance or Consumer-Directed Community Supports; home health care with the personalized attention of a skilled nurse or home health aide as well as providing customized living services in assisted living facilities. Accra offers these services throughout the state of Minnesota in all 87 counties.

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Allegra Downtown St. Paul

Allegra Downtown St. Paul’s small business marketing pros can help you develop cost-effective print communications and marketing programs that take full advantage of our in-house graphic design, advanced printing services and mailing capabilities. See why a single, full-service marketing and printing resource makes better sense for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow. Come and see Allegra. We’re locally-owned and operated, proudly serving St. Paul-area businesses.

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Autism Advocacy & Law Center, LLC

Autism Advocacy & Law Center provides specialized and expert legal advocacy. When you have a child who has a disability you are confronted by many challenges. Our philosophy is to confront each of these challenges head on. Our mission is to provide specialized and expert legal advocacy to help you navigate each of these challenges. So that you can be confident that you’ve done all you can for your child.

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Best Care

Best Care provides resources for individuals to find the home care services they needed and offers reputable administrative services to caregivers in the Twin Cities. Best Care’s dedicated management team is ready to answer your questions and guide your through the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) process. Best Care will help you find affordable home care services you need and also will help family caregivers receive fair compensation for the dedicated care they provide to a loved one in need of support.

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Minnesota Independence College & Community

Minnesota Independence College & Community (MICC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit vocational and life skills training program for young adults with learning differences and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). MICC educates individuals with MICC Curriculum, so they may learn skills and experience life. Their students and graduates achieve sustained, independent living; rewarding employment; financial security; personal growth; and responsible citizenship. MICC champions their students and graduates, carry their successes into the world, and collaborate with others in service of our vision.

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Partners in Community Supports

PICS (Partners in Community Supports) has offered self-directed care options to individuals and families for over 20 years. Our customer-service focus means that you spend less time worrying about the financial aspects of self-directed care and more time caring for your loved one. PICS is ready to support you as a Financial Management Services (FMS) provider.

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Swim Possible

SwimPossible provides safe, calming, and fun lessons that are customized for students who need a personalized approach – adapted to their needs for learning how to swim. Our method incorporates current swim techniques and adaptive learning strategies to help swimmers quiet their minds and feel how their bodies move in the water.
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