AuSM Launches Platform and Resources to Support Independent Fundraisers

The Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) has long been supported by people outside of our organization who independently lead their own fundraising initiatives, with proceeds benefitting AuSM. In thanks to them – and to encourage more support from the at-large community – AuSM has created an online platform with new resources to help independent fundraisers to organize, launch, and execute their own DIY (do-it-yourself) fundraising initiatives.

To support fundraising efforts from passionate people in our community, we’ve included background info about AuSM to help DIY fundraisers and supporters understand how such fundraising initiatives will positively impact Minnesota’s autism community. We’ve outlined how AuSM can provide support for DIY fundraising initiatives. We’ve also documented some of what we’ve learned from our own fundraising campaigns and events to help our supporters succeed on their own in raising funds to support AuSM.

From this portal, people can create their own fundraising page. AuSM has added the tools and guidance to start building community by sharing one’s fundraiser with other people. AuSM provides advice to DIY fundraisers on how to tell their story, state goals, and keep fellow supporters in the loop by posting updates and encouragement.

For more info and tips on how to lead a successful fundraiser, refer to AuSMs’ fundraising guide here, as well as other online resources from AuSM to support your efforts. On behalf of our local autism community, AuSM is grateful for the initiative and leadership of our many supporters.

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