Information and Resources Team Adds Services, Expands Communicative Availability

As a free service to our community, AuSM provides practical advice for individuals and families struggling to navigate systems, understand options, and obtain services and support to fit their needs. In 2023, we added a vital component to our Information and Resources services: texting. This option expands our services through improved accessibility, and also allows our staff to respond to more requests for information. 

“Many of our community members struggle with phone calls due to anxiety and executive function,” shared Jillian Nelson, AuSM’s Community Resource and Policy Advocate, as well as a core member of the Information and Resources team. “While email exists, texting is more immediate and can feel less intimidating. This new service is essential for making us truly accessible.”

In addition to adding text options, we also fully reorganized the Resources section of the AuSM website, making it more user friendly and helping our community gain access to the plethora of resources that are available for free every day of the year. As part of the reorganization, we added dozens of new resources, empowering community members to to research and problem-solve independently as well as with our help.

Learn more about Information and Resources here.

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