Introducing: AuSM Coffee Club

AuSM’s Coffee Club launched in 2023, providing regularly-scheduled opportunities for autistic adults in our community to socialize, create and build bonds, and meet new people on an ongoing basis at Dogwood Coffee in St. Paul.

“It was instantly popular,” said Daren Howard, AuSM’s deputy director, in this story by Minneapolis Star Tribune. “AuSM works hard to provide accessible and inclusive events. This includes modes of accessibility people usually think of, like wheelchair access. But the autism community’s access needs are a little different. Autistic people benefit from sensory-sensitive lighting, quieter venues, room to fidget and stir and social narratives. The idea behind the social narrative is not unlike when a neurotypical person looks at a menu before visiting a restaurant. It provides some insight into what to expect from the experience.”

Autistic adults are welcome to bring items that make them feel comfortable, can stay as long as they’d like, stim, and parallel play. AuSM provides a concierge staff person to assist with questions, check-in, help with ordering, and manage any issues that arise during the club. Coffee Club is generously supported by Best Care, an AuSM Premier Partner.

More information on this continuing social and recreation program is available here on our website.

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