Part 2 of Gestalt Language Workshop in March

Part two of our popular workshop from last December is on the calendar, with registration now open for Language Development in Neurodivergent and Other Gestalt Language Processors. Join us on March 1 to dive deeper into the use of Natural Language Acquisition supports for students who are gestalt language processors. This workshop will go further into more specialized topics, including identifying and supporting older GLPs, gathering and scoring language samples, more specific supports to late-stage GLPs, and using the related supports of self-regulation, AAC assessment, and music.

Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Outline the six stages of gestalt language development as compared with the stages of analytic language development
  • Describe the research that supports the use of Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) to elaborate and quantifying the stages of gestalt language development
  • Score a set of utterances produced by a child at Stages 1-4 of gestalt language development

Returning presenter Marge Blanc has been a speech-language pathologist for 45 years. In 1994, Marge began applying the principles of gestalt language processing when she met her first autistic client as a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Marge had studied the research of luminaries Barry Prizant and Ann Peters, but her own research went further, and led to her co-founding of the Communication Development Center in Madison. Marge’s thought leadership quantifying gestalt language development was published in 2012 as “Natural Language Acquisition: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language.”

This Workshop is ideal for SLPs, OTs, PTs, teachers, support staff, parents/family members, and autistic adults. For those who missed part one, the recording can be purchased separately here.

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