Self-Empowering Ways to Practice Flexible Thinking

Our newest resource is intended to help autistics practice flexibility, whether in seeing different perspectives, considering alternative options or ideas, adjusting plans, being open to change, or transitioning between activities. Many autistic individuals have a strong preference for routine and similarity. It can be overwhelmingand stressful when things change, when we need to do things differently, or when we’re confrontedwith new ways of thinking. This resource will help you practice flexible thinking in ways that are self-directed and focused on the goals you want to reach.

You’ll get:

  • An overview of the strengths and challenges of the autistic neurotype when it comes to flexible thinking
  • Information about how flexible thinking relates to autism
  • General strategies to help you approach practicing flexibility
  • Ways to plan ahead while you practice
  • An outline of different reasons flexibility can be challenging and how to tailor your approach
  • Suggestions of practice activities
  • Further resources

Click here to view the resource!

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