Finding a Therapist

This resource provides helpful suggestions of how to begin looking for a therapist, what to look for, websites to search, and apps to use in the meantime.

Tips for Speech Therapy at Home for Children with Autism

This guide details how parents can conduct speech therapy interventions at home. It includes speech therapy activities for children with ASD of various age groups, including infants & toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-age children, and adolescents.

Sensory Activities for Children with ASD

This is an academically published resource on the topic of providing sensory activities for children with Autism. This includes more personal/family activities as well as being involved in the community a bit more.

Preparing Trips for Children with Autism

The resource lists important questions to ask about the preparedness of new spaces and offers strategies for planning trips for children with autism, such as bringing sensory blockers like headphones to crowded destinations. It also includes a trip-planning PDF to help parents get ready for short and long trips with their children. 

The Essential Guide to Traveling with a Medical Condition

"The Essential Guide to Travelling with a Medical Condition" is an in-depth 4 part guide that gives helpful travel advice and information about some of the common problems associated with travelling abroad with a health condition.

Guide to Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities.

Our guide includes valuable resources for students with disabilities, such as: • A curated list of more than 85 disability-specific scholarships • Strategies for utilizing state and local financial aid resources • An overview of loan forgiveness and reduction options

Jobs for People with ASD

This guide from Fiscal Tiger discusses ADA accommodations for individuals with Autism, job industry ideas, and interview/resume tips specifically for people with Autism.

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