Autism Acceptance Month Partner Toolkit

Thank you for becoming an Autism Acceptance Month Partner! To help you share the word about Autism Acceptance Month, we’ve put together this toolkit of resources that you can share. If you have any questions about your partnership, email Mark at

Social Media

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Sample Social Media Posts
“This April, we celebrate #AutismAcceptanceMonth and recognizes the varied experiences across the Autism spectrum, emphasizing the need for equitable access to supports, services and resources. #CelebrateDifferences.”

“April is Autism Acceptance Month. A time to recognize the diversity of experiences within the Autism community and emphasize the need for equitable access to supports and services. Join us and put acceptance into action.”

Acceptance starts with an understanding that everyone’s unique experiences are valid. On #AutismAcceptanceDay and every day, we recognize and appreciate the differences in all of us.”

“Nearly 78% of autistic children have at least one mental health condition – including behavior or conduct problems, ADHD, anxiety, and depression -and nearly half have two or more.”

Autistic individuals who are diagnosed later in life can experience trauma and abuse  without realizing its impact due to the lack of awareness and understanding of  social communication differences and how they’ve been perceived.”

Printable Media

What is Autism One Pager
Autism Acceptance Month Partner Flyer
Autism Acceptance Month Partner Postcard


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Autism Acceptance Month Graphic

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