Share feedback with AuSM this December

As we move toward the new year, we want to ensure that we continue to build and provide resources and services in response to your need. Please help us create responsive content by sharing feedback about your needs and preferences.

To receive feedback from as many people as possible, we have multiple options for you to share.

  1. Take a Short Survey

We’ve built a short survey that asks about your preferences and needs. The survey is now closed.

  1. Join AuSM for a Listening Session

On Dec. 15 from 1-2 p.m., Zephyr James, AuSM’s Community Engagement Manager, will be available on Zoom to discuss the questions from the survey. Join for part of or the full hour to share your feedback. Zephyr will guide the discussion with questions and there will be additional time to give open feedback. You can also e-mail Zephyr with questions or concerns at

  1. Follow AuSM on Social Media

We’ll be asking questions in our stories on Facebook and Instagram throughout December. Follow us to see and respond.

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