Quality of Life for People With Developmental Disabilities

Do you, or does anyone in your household or immediate family have a developmental disability?  If so, we invite you to participate in a Quality of Life survey conducted on behalf of the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD).  Your opinions are very important and results of this survey could inform government policy decisions that affect the lives of people with developmental disabilities in Minnesota.

Answers to the questions throughout this survey should be provided by the person with developmental disabilities to the extent they are able.  Guardians/Advocates should assist as needed or complete this survey on their behalf.

Please keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers, it is your opinions that count.  All of the information you share by participating in this survey will be kept confidential, and your participation will not directly impact any government or private services or support you may be receiving.

Thank you in advance for including your voice in this important quality of life study for people with developmental disabilities in Minnesota!

Please click here to begin taking the survey.