Life with Autism

Individualized Consultation and Support

In response to community needs, AuSM’s newly revised Life with Autism–Individualized Supports is re-centering the individualized approach. AuSM will offer individual consultations in order to delve deeper into customized topics like behavior, communication, independent living, and developing supports and accommodations.

Our new LWA–Individualized Supports seeks to meet you where you are, offering customized tools, resources, and strategies to ensure you feel prepared and equipped for navigating systems, developing supports, and accessing your communities.

Tapping into our network of self-advocates, educators, and more, we will develop personalized support plans that you can implement into your daily practices to ensure the neurodiversity of your household/community is supported and celebrated.

Who should participate?
Life with Autism–Individualized Supports is a great resource for families seeking training, support, or individual consultation. AuSM knows that autism is in the fabric of all our communities and that each community, household, and individual will flourish when the entirety of its members is supported.

Whether your family has a newly diagnosed member, your child is transitioning into adolescence and young adulthood, or the autistic adult in your life is in need of supports beyond your capacity, AuSM can assist you in navigating and thriving through these periods of life.

AuSM staff will coordinate with you and your family to designate a time, location, and group size, as well as the information you would like covered, and bring this material to you.

What can you expect from a consultation?

This family consultation will be a 30 minute session where you will discuss and prioritize challenging areas that you would like to resolve. After the initial consultation, AuSM will follow up with information, resources, and next action steps. All consultations are held virtually over Zoom.

How do I set up a consultation?
Please complete a consultation form. If you have questions, you can reach AuSM’s education team at 651.647.1083 ext. 120 or email

Consultations are free for a 30 minute session

Consultation Request Form