Training for Inclusion, Accessibility, and Sensory-Friendly Spaces

In the middle of this graphic is a bubble that reads "Inclusive community." An arrow pointing up leads to "accessibility", which has three arrows leading to "Physical," "Sensory," and "Cognitive." An arrow leading down from "Inclusive Community" connects to "Acceptance," which in turn leads to "Everyone is Different," "All Are Welcome," and "Equity Requires Engagement."

True inclusion requires engagement. Real inclusion means that individuals with disabilities participate to the greatest extent possible and have a voice to share thoughts, ideas, questions, and experiences. AuSM is dedicated to helping community organizations create meaningful opportunities for autistic individuals. We offer a wide range of services, including general consulting, sensory and accessibility inventories, customized staff trainings, visual supports, social narrative preparation, and creating sensory kits and tools. Request a training here.

Sensory KitsAn AuSM Sensory Kit: a bin filled with a white board, fidgets, a time timer, and other tools

Autistic individuals often experience sensory dysregulation, which can be in the form of hyper (too much input) or hypo (not enough input) sensitivities. One easy way to support sensory needs is with tools that can help regulate sensory systems.

AuSM offers customized kits and tools that fit any budgets. Starting at $75, our kits include a wide variety of sensory tools such as headphones, white boards, sensory stix, fidgets, and a carrying bin. Request a kit at Shipping fees may apply.


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