Training for Officers and Emergency Responders

With the 1 in 36 national prevalence rate for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it is inevitable you will encounter someone affected by ASD in your work as a first responder, fire fighter; in the criminal justice system; in public safety and security; in Emergency Medical Services (EMS); as a medical professional; and in everyday life.

Our community helped inform our training so that your encounters have positive outcomes.

Minnesota Requirements for Officer Training
According to a bill passed by the MN legislature during 2020, law enforcement agencies are required to provide autism training to every peace officer. The training must consist of four continuing education credits, be board-approved, and meet learning objectives that address:

  1. Autism overview and behavioral understanding
  2. Best practices for interventions and de-escalation strategies
  3. Prevention and crisis reduction models
  4. Objective review of tools and technology available

Learning objectives must include consultation with individuals with autism, family members, autism experts, and peace officers.

AuSM’s officer training is P.O.S.T.-Certified and proof of attendance can be provided to those who require CEUs in another field. AuSM is working to promote fulfillment of the requirements of this bill and to align our training with updated learning objectives as they are determined.

Contact AuSM at 651.647.1083 ext. 26 or for more information or click on the below button to request a training.

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