Plain Language and Easy Read: An Introduction to Cognitively Accessible Formats

A woman lays on the floor, reading something on a tabletPresented by Donnie Denome
June 6, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Held virtually

Member: $55
Non-Member: $65
Autistic Individual: $35

The recording of this workshop is available for purchase and will be available through July 6.
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About the Workshop

This presentation will cover the basics of cognitive accessibility and cognitively accessible formats when writing for autistic people and other people with IDD. We will talk about the difference between plain language and Easy Read, strategies when writing in plain language or Easy Read, and the basics of illustrating and formatting plain language and Easy Read documents. No prior experience in cognitively accessible formats is required; however, please come prepared to try writing in these formats.

About the Presenter

Donnie TC Denome is a multiply disabled autistic self advocate and AAC user. They work at the Autistic Self Advocacy Network as ASAN’s Inclusive Publications and Research Coordinator, where they create and curate ASAN’s library of Easy Read and plain language resources. Donnie holds a Master’s in Public Health degree with a focus on health education for people with disabilities. Donnie is passionate about health communication equity and ensuring that all people, no matter their disability or needs, have access to information they can understand. Donnie is also a 2023-2024 MN LEND fellow.

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